A company can only have value as much as it’s representative holds to them. Interior design done by us will always focus on 3 keys: Practicality, Functionality and Aesthetics. As such, what we propose, besides factoring in your needs and viewpoints, will always vector in, based on our key points and then your needed input to ensure a satisfactory end result. We believe in providing value that does not compromise on the quality of material but will also take into account your proposed budget based on our key value requirements. Renovations should never be charged an arm or a leg and we usually attempt to work within your required budget and required items first whenever we work with a client.

Following which, we will factor in other required items from our suppliers (e.g: Air-conditioning, Curtains, Lighting, Sanitary ware etc.) into the overall budget which will round out a significant portion of your renovation budget costing, hence providing a one-stop solution for a less-hassle renovation project.

We are also always on the look-out for fresh and new ideas and products that will help round out the house into one that will complement and complete your new home and are currently in-discussion with several other suppliers for products like air-purification, water purification and the like.

We have a long-standing working relationship with our current partner suppliers and we believe that we can provide value to your home.

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